About Me

traveller – a person who is travelling or who often travels

When I was a little girl I didn’t dream about travelling, I didn’t realise it was an actual possibility for a ‘normal’ person like me. As I grew older (and only slightly taller) I started to become more curious about the world and after landing a job in the travel industry and jet-setting off on my first overseas trip to Bali – I was hooked!

Since then I have spent almost every day dreaming about travel and making time to explore as much as I can of this beautiful/crazy world. I have watched the sunrise in Ios, eaten live seafood in Tokyo, danced in the rain in London and sipped champagne with celebrities in Hollywood, but I definitely haven’t seen it all!

My blog is not about how many countries I’ve been to or how many stamps are scattered through-out the pages of my passport (although I would have a few more if I hadn’t lost it!) It’s about sharing my experiences and memories with you, in the hope that you will be inspired to start (or continue) your own travel journey.

Alana x