How to Add Travel to Your Life

I don’t spend every day exploring, but over the last 5 years I have spent 14 months of that time abroad – so I must be doing something right!

I am not rich, I do not come from a wealthy family and so far none of my travels have been sponsored, I have only spent two nights in backpacker accommodation and I did not sell my left kidney, which must leave you wondering how I did and will continue to make it happen.

Make travel a priority in your life

This is a big one because if travel isn’t your priority you just won’t do everything in your power to buy that ticket and fly away!

If travel is what makes you happy, makes you feel free and sets your soul on fire like it does mine, you need to look at your life and ensure that the thing that makes you the happiest holds a high importance on your list!

Get a job in the industry

For the last 7 years I have worked in the travel industry and although I don’t get many discounts on accommodation and no discounts at all on flights (as I work in group travel) I have learnt the best ways to book travel, the best websites to use to ensure I am getting a good price and have been taught the way travel and works and why – all of these things have helped when booking trips for myself.

With my job I have also been lucky enough to earn some amazing cash and travel bonuses, famils (a trip to somewhere that you sell to better educate you on the location, property etc) and the chance to spend time working in Bali! The positions I have held at the company also work on a seasonal basis which is a great way to be able to take extended time off.

Be prepared to work overseas

A lot of the time I have spent travelling I have also been working, but it’s not like working at home when you have a routine and you’re stuck in the daily grind! It’s different because as you’re working you’re learning about the place, the people and the way of life in a new country – it’s in these times I have been able to learn the most about myself.


Now I don’t mean those functions where you dress up and wear a sticky name tag, just make an effort to meet people, all different types of people from places all over the world and you’ll be surprised what opportunities will arise.

Don’t waste money on material things

I don’t think anyone who knows me would say I’m a ‘cheapskate’, I actually would have been able to explore a lot more if I spent a little less and saved a little better, however I am not one to spend money on big ticket items!

For example I am a 27 year old woman (feels weird calling myself a woman .. but I guess I am ahh) who still drives a 2002 bright yellow Diahatsu with a dint in the door and even though I’ve thought about upgrading (about a million times) I have made the decision to spend my money on trips instead.


Meet my friend Google and become obsessed with him! I talk to him everyday about anything and everything, but mostly about travel – looking up flights, reading about destinations, admiring photos and dreaming about where I’ll go next – the more you know, the more you want to know.

Most importantly .. do it for yourself

This one might sound stupid, but in the day and age of Instagram and too many hashtags you need to make sure you’re travelling for yourself, not because you think you should or because you saw that Kylie Jenner did it! Travel because YOU want to explore the world, because YOU want to study another language, because YOU want to learn through your experiences.

I travel because .. I just love it! I don’t love every moment of every trip, but I love the feeling that I get when I’m travelling, thinking about travelling or re-living one of my travel memories. It’s my passion, my one true love and something that I will always hold close to my heart.



2 thoughts on “How to Add Travel to Your Life

  1. I like to visit New York next year. I am glad I was able to read your blog. I wanted to save from my travel so I was looking around. East Village would be interesting to check in for accommodation. It is nice that it is near subways and restaurants I can surely save.


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