New York – The Concrete Jungle Where ..

.. jager bombs are $1, you can have parties with homeless people on your stoop and if by chance you need to do a number two in a taxi .. it will only cost you $25, oh and it’s also the place dreams are made of!

If you’re travelling to New York, you need to embrace the New York lifestyle, you know pretend you’re Carrie Bradshaw, smoking a cigarette in the window of a tiny apartment thinking about the guy who broke your heart! OK that’s not really what I mean, but staying in an apartment is a good start and instead of booking a hotel, looking into somewhere through Airbnb would be a great option.

I was lucky enough to score a week of cheap accommodation through a friend staying in East Village and highly recommend this area. It was nice and close to several subway lines, surrounded by plenty of restaurants and cafes. I always felt safe and our quaint studio apartment really felt like a home away from home.

My biggest regret in New York – being too hungover to venture to Central Park, but I managed to tick off some amazing adventures –

Top of the Rock

Whatever you do .. do not miss this! It was freezing cold, my skin had broken out after going to bed too many times without washing off my make-up and my bestie and I accidentally wore matching ‘peace’ sign outfits but seeing the view over the city was a definite highlight.

Tickets are only about $30 AUD per person and you can pre-purchase here.

9/11 Memorial

As an Australian being so far away (and so young at the time) it was difficult to comprehend the devastation and loss of that day, which is why I am so grateful I was able to visit the memorial site and pay respect to the brave people who lost their lives. As well as feeling the sadness there was an overwhelming feeling of hope, love and strength which I will never forget.

Statue of Liberty

What’s a trip to the big apple without a look at the big lady herself! I didn’t really rate the trip over to Liberty Island, if I was to visit again I would go to the viewing point at the southern tip of Lower Manhattan (Battery) or take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

And don’t forget to –

  • People watch at Grand Central Station
  • Dig in to giant slices of pizza
  • Take advantage of the super cheap happy hours that are like .. everywhere
  • Stop to listen/watch/join in with street performers
  • Enjoy a cocktail or 5 at the Top of The Standard rooftop bar
  • Celebrity spot – we were pretty excited to see fellow aussie babes Naomi Watts & Jess Hart .. but way too nervous / cool (well trying to be) to ask for photo
  • Don’t be afraid to try small bars and restaurants – I swear these kind of places are where you always have the most random/crazy/fun nights

Let’s just say my photography skills have improved a tad since my New York trip, but here’s some snaps anyway .. it didn’t happen unless you have photo proof right?



2 thoughts on “New York – The Concrete Jungle Where ..

  1. Thank you for sharing! I haven’t been to new York since I was in the 7th grade… So I am much over due for a visit! (I don’t even really remember it) but I love to find fellow travel bloggers like yourself who are so honest about their travels! It helps so much! Oh and speaking of Airbnb I literally just posted a how to on it if you’d want to check it out!(:


  2. I agree with you renting an apartment in New York city would be cheaper and more fun experience if you travel to New York. I love surfing the internet to look for great deals whenever I travel.


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